Thursday, September 8, 2011

Official RagDolls Promoter Search

Hello to all of our lovely fans. As our company grows, we have come to a point where we could use a little bit of help in getting our name and products out there.

We have decided to find 2 lovely ladies (or gentlemen) to become Official RagDolls Promoters.

Obviously there are a few guidelines that you will have to agree to before being considered.
1.     1.  You must have a Facebook fan page with at least 400 fans, and a YouTube channel.
2.     2.  You will be required to post a makeup look on your page at least once a week using our eyeshadow products. You must also post a video tutorial on YouTube at least once a month.
3.     3.  You will receive 4 sample size eyeshadows, 1 sample size blush and one sample size lip balm to start you out with your makeup looks. For every makeup look that you post (up to 4) and each video (1) that you make per month, you will receive 1 full size eyeshadow, blush or lip balm of your choice. That is 5 full size products per month.
4.     4.  If we launch any new collections during your time as a promoter, you will receive samples of the collection, and will be required to do a makeup look and video featuring the collection. That is on top of the regular posts and videos.
5.      5. You must agree to promote our company for a time period of 3 months. At the end of that 3 month period, you may be given the option to continue as an official promoter.
6.      6. You must agree to let us use your pictures and videos on our fan page/ website, even in the event that you decide to no longer promote our company.
7.      7. While promoting RagDollsBeauty, we ask that you do not promote any other Indie Cosmetics companies.  (An indie company is one whose products are hand made by an individual or a very smakk company. Their products are not mass manufactured like large corporate companies. Also, for the most part their products can only be found online, usually on Artfire or Etsy. Promoting larger , corporate companies like MAC, Urban Decay, etc. is fine, just no indie companies.)
8.     8.  You must also agree to promote any of our contests, giveaways, sales, and specials on your fan page and YouTube channel.
9.     9.  You must be at least 18 years of age.
10.  10.  *No Drama Allowed* We will not tolerate any drama from our promoters. As an official promoter, you represent our company and we want our company represented as professionally as possible.
11.  11.  We also will not tolerate any rudeness to our fans or customers.
12.  Also, you must live within the United States (sorry to our international fans. Unfortunately, shipping is just too high to ship internationally, and it just takes too long for the products to get to you. We would be sending you items regularly to keep you up with your looks and videos. If it takes weeks, and sometimes up to a month or more to receive the products, you can't possibly keep up with the looks and videos that need to be done each month.

In addition to the free full size eyeshadows that you will receive, there will be an incentive for bringing us new customers. For each new customer you bring in who makes a purchase you will receive points that can be used toward purchases in our store.

If you can agree to these guidelines and are interested in becoming an Official RagDolls Promoter, please send an email to In the email you must provide your full name, and date of birth (so we can make sure you are at least 18). You must also provide the links to your Facebook fan page and YouTube channel, as well as letting us know that you agree to our guidelines and will follow them if chosen.
You have until 11:59 pm on September 30, 2011 to submit your entry for consideration. The promoters will be chosen no later than October 7, 2011.